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Ann Lemieux, Dusty Trail Realty – President
Nathan Muehl, New York Life – Vice President
Chris Santee, Fairfax News – Secretary
Karen Langelier, L Team Car Wash – Treasurer

Jim Ackerman, Ackerman Equipment
Chris Barkyoumb, Hillcrest Foods, Inc.
Greg Beeman, B.C.Beeman, North Building
Stacey Belanger, Union Bank
Tamra Blaisdell, Creative Edge
Trevor Campbell, Campbell Construction
Jeff Clokey/Shad Minor, Titan Construction
Mike Cota, MC Electrical
Kelly Crawford, Pamper Chef Consultants
Joan Denizot, Super Sized Cycles
Tom Feerick, Feerick Enterprises
Tom Fontaine, Fontaine Construction
Greg Hartmann, Hartmann Construction
Guy Henning, Brickkicker Home Inspection
Rick Hogle, Fairfax Pharmacy
Mark Hunziker, wellness Resources
Frank Joyal, Joyal Fuels
Brenda Kerr, Katahdin Spirit Structural Health
Jen LaBrie, Dusty Trail Realty
Van Lantagne, CBA Travel
Scott Moreau/Cheryl Lupine, Greenleaf Forestry
Jeff Meunier, J & L Hardware
Jim & Lena Meunier, J & L Foundations, Inc
Maria Millikin, Liberty Mutual Group
Jeff Minor, Minor’s Country Store
Julie Minor, Julie M.P. Minor, P.C.
Lee Minor, Community Member
Nathan Muehl, New York Life
Ed Nuttal, Community Member
Ram Parkash, Nan’s Mobil
Mark Rainville, Rainville’s Auto Body
Steve Renaudette, Fairfax Salvage & Repair
Cliff Ross, Ross’s Auto
Tamara Smith, Dusty Trail Realty
Toni Stone, Wonder Works Studio
Bill Superneau, VT Wood Structures, Inc.
Nicole & Charlie Swanson, Swanson Nursery
Don Tedford, Anchor Foundations
Crytal Thompson, Dusty Trail Realty
Valerie Ugro, VT Paintings and Prints
Richard Vance, Woods N’Lakes
Audrey von Lepel/Teig Marco,Fairfax Assoc. in Medicine
Mike Webb, Community Member
Kerry Whalen, Peoples Trust
Richard Wimble, Wimble Auto
Larry & Barb Young, LW Young